St Francis Catholic Primary School follows the national curriculum for all subjects. Our three main intents when teaching our curriculum are:

  1. Cross Curricular – Subjects are taught as distinct subjects and where possible cross curricular links are planned and used.
  2. Experiencology – Children to experience learning through concrete and pictorial representation before abstract learning.
  3. Reasoning – Children to deepen their skills and knowledge through applying them through creative and evaluative learning opportunities.

 St. Francis teaches a broad and balanced curriculum which includes our core subjects English, Math, Science and Religion. For Phonics, St. Francis follows the six phases of teaching outlined in ‘Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics’. St. Francis use Oxford Reading Tree for our main reading scheme.

Please click here on the National Curriculum to view the Age Related Descriptors for each year group and Key Stage.

For an overview of the curriculum for each year group please click on the curriculum for your preferred year group below. If you would like to see the termly planning, please click here.

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Class Information

For Class specific, termly curriculum information please follow this link to our Class Information pages