After School Activities

After School club Activities General Information and Code of Conduct 

After school activities are run every day of the week at St Francis and offered to children across all year groups  – the benefits to children gained by learning and developing their skills are huge!

Course Administration:

St. Francis includes a 50p per session per child fee to cover the cost of co-ordinating clubs:

  1.  Researching and finding new providers to provide a wide variety of activities
  2.  Liaising with providers on dates, fees, etc.
  3. Issuing timetables and registers with pupil contact/medical information
  4. Managing payments
  5. Maintaining contact between the school and the club providers
  6. Organising matches, tournaments, displays and presentations of club activities

If your child is ill or is unable to attend a session please advise the school office to avoid wasted time chasing after children to ensure they are accounted for if they should be onsite.

Course Registration:

A timetable will be published each term detailing available courses. Payment is online through ParentMail (PMX) or direct with the course provider. Places can only be secured by making the appropriate payment and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. If you have trouble accessing ParentMail, please contact the school office. Courses will NOT run if there is insufficient demand – if a course has to be cancelled, payment will be refunded.

All courses must be booked and paid for in advance

Refunds and credits are not available for sickness or cancellation by pupils. To ensure that all children obtain maximum benefit, those who sign up for a course should be committed to attend all sessions.

Statement on Policy on charging for school activities 

No child will be disadvantaged because of parents’ inability or unwillingness to contribute in this way. Should you require any advice or support, please contact the Head of School in confidence.

Code of Conduct

To ensure all participants can enjoy their activity in a fulfilling, safe and friendly environment, please support the school and provider with the following:

  1. Contact/Medical information will be taken from the most recent data collection form you have supplied to the school. Please ensure this is updated with any changes throughout the year.
  2. Your child should be appropriately dressed for the activity and weather conditions.
  3. For sporting activity your child should always have a full PE kit in school and may not be able to participate in a session if they don’t have the correct kit, for example shin pads for football.
  4. Children should be able to dress themselves and tie their own boots/trainer laces!

Children are responsible for all their items of clothing. Please ensure that they know to take all their belongings with them whilst attending a session (any items left lying around will be placed in lost property). It is essential that all items are clearly named.

No child should need to re-enter the school once their club session is running – they should ensure they have been to the toilet, filled their water bottle and taken their belongings with them.

St Francis School has no liability in respect of loss or damage to personal property or effects while your child is attending a club.

Please provide a non-fizzy drink for your child for during or after physical activity and a suitable snack if necessary.
Please make sure your child is particularly aware of the following:

  1. All participants must show respect towards teachers/coaches/helpers and other children on the course.
  2. Children must not leave the coaching session at anytime without permission from the teacher/coach/ helper or after school co-ordinator.
  3. Children must listen to the teachers/coaches/helpers or the after school co-ordinators and carry out instructions.
  4. Teachers/coaches/helpers reserve the right to exclude any child during the course if, in their opinion, that child is preventing the safe and smooth running of a course, or the general enjoyment of all participants.

All children need to be collected promptly at 4 p.m. after each session and your child should be handed over to you from the coach or after school co-ordinator. Do not arrange to meet them in the school car park/entrances. Children are not allowed to roam around the school and will only be signed out from a club when accompanied by an adult.


Card System

To ensure that all children gain maximum enjoyment whilst attending any of the courses, we have introduced a yellow and red card system for unacceptable behaviour.

Yellow Card – if a child receives a yellow card during a session, parents will be notified by the club provider after the session to explain why their child has been given a yellow card.

Red Card – If after receiving a yellow card, the child then receives a red card, parents will receive a letter of notification that their child will be suspended from the club for one week. Consultation will need to take place before the child can be reinstated on the course. No refund will be given.

Registration Confirmation

Your child is automatically registered for a club once you have made a payment so no additional confirmation is sent. You will be unable to make a payment once the club is full. If you would like your child to be added to a waiting list for a particular club, please contact the school office. If a place becomes available, the cost will be pro-rated according to the number of sessions left.


The end of the school day is 3.00pm. To avoid children being unsupervised, all club sessions will now start at 3 p.m. and the club provider will be ready then to take responsibility for children in their session. Where feasible and necessary, children will change earlier in the day so that club sessions can start promptly. If your child is not taking part in an after school club, we politely request that you leave the school site quickly and do not allow your child to play in the playgrounds and fitness trail or distract any of the after school activities in progress.

St. Francis prides itself on providing a rounded education that can encourage the many talents of individual children. Your child will experience high quality coaching in our after school clubs, and we hope they will have fun in the process.

We welcome your feedback on any club activities throughout the term to help us improve upon the services being offered so please send an email to:

After School Activities at St. Francis
After School Club – GET ACTIVE