As a successful school which teaches and practices the Catholic faith, we attract children from a wide area. We recognise that our large catchment means that some parents are unable to walk or cycle with their children to school. However, we believe there are steps we can all take to make sure that our children are safe and that our neighbours are inconvenienced as little as possible during the busy morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times.

St. Francis Church Car Park

These guidelines have been produced to help ensure the safety of all visitors, parents, children, and staff at St Francis Primary School and we are grateful for your full cooperation. This document forms part of the risk assessment for the safety of everyone entering or leaving the school site. Parents and carers are reminded that they are responsible for their children in St. Francis Church car park and they should be closely supervised at all times.

  • A 5 mile per hour speed limit applies throughout our site.
  • All drivers must exercise due care and attention when driving and manoeuvring in the car park.
  • All parents and carers are encouraged, where possible, to walk/cycle/scooter their children to school.
  • Pedestrians entering our site must use the allocated pedestrian path along the church. Pedestrians are to keep to the pathway and not walk across the car park area.
  • Please park within the bays
  • Access for emergency vehicles must be maintained at all time.
  • Users of the school car park do so at their own risk. St Francis Primary School will not accept responsibility for damage, accident or loss to vehicles or contents.
  • All users of our car park are to be polite and courteous at all times. Please give consideration for other users of the car park.
  • Children are permitted to ride bicycles and scooters to school and use the bike stand for storage during the school day. Pupils must dismount from their bicycles and scooters when entering the school site and keep to the pathways.
More than half from half

If you are fortunate enough to live within half a mile of the school, and a great majority of our children do, we would like you to make every effort to walk /scoot to school. Unfortunately, more than half of children living close to school currently come by car. We understand that a lot of parents travel on to work after dropping children off, but we would still like to aim for at least half of all children living within half a mile, regularly walking to school. To help parents, the council have published a map showing the area within half a mile of the school and highlighting underpasses,  crossings and shortcuts. You can find a large version of the map in reception.

A Journey Shared...

A journey shared is pounds saved! Analysis from the school census suggests the average school run to St Joseph’s by car costs in the region of £150+ per year in petrol alone. If you live near someone who is driving to school, why not suggest to car share. This will free-up your time on days when you are not driving, as well as saving you money. We realise this will not suit everyone; if you have more than one child, fitting all the child seats in can be problematic. But it can work. At another school in the borough, just over a third of children car share on a regular basis.

Cyclists and Scooters

Both parents and children must dismount their bicycles/ scooters and walk in the school car park. Suitable storage facilities for
bikes are provided and parents are reminded to ensure their bikes are locked as thefts have occurred in the past.

Don’t be a parking YOB!

If you have no alternative but to park in one of the residential roads near the school (and we would much rather you didn’t), please take a moment to consider three things before you park;

  1. are you on Yellow lines?
  2. are you obstructing the footway?
  3. are you Blocking someone’s driveway?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, please find an alternative place to park. There is often no need to park ‘two wheels up’ on the footway. If you park close to the kerb, other cars should still be able to pass. Parking on the footway just makes it harder for parents with buggies, or elderly people using mobility aids, to use the footway safely.